Your Name

Lots of people have been asking us if we know what your name is going to be yet. But honestly, we've had names (boy and girl) decided almost since the first day we were pregnant. I don't know how this decision came so easily, in fact, when daddy and I agreed so quickly I wondered if we were rushing into it (weren't we supposed to have long lists that we fretted over for months, or buy a library full of baby name books, or at least get into one little fight?). 

But I think the simple truth was that your name was meant to be from the start.

Julianna Rachelle George

Julia is my mom's first name (even though she goes by her middle name, Cristy) and Matt's mom's first name is Anna. So we were able to honor them both by putting the names together, Julianna. I loved it from the moment I heard it, and it just seemed meant to be.

Rachelle comes from Matt's grandmother (Ammachy). Her first name is Rachel. So we adapted the name to flow together better with Julianna and made it Rachelle.

I do have to admit that we have had one small dispute over your name - it's pronunciation. I think we have finally settled on it being pronounced Julie-On-Nuh. This doesn't come naturally for me, but it certainly does for your daddy. And we agreed that it has a more ethnic sound to it. So we'll see how it works out... when we are welcoming you into the world, I have a feeling we'll know what feels right.

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