Week 23: Feeling You Kick

I've been anxiously awaiting the feeling of your first kick. The nurse asked me at my last appointment if I had felt you yet, and ever since then a little voice in the back of my head has been torturing me with concerns of why I haven't felt the miracle of your movements. 

This week I had another routine check-up scheduled with the doctor. And as I lay in bed, I told your dad about my concerns of not yet feeling you. So daddy put his hand on my belly and said, "let me see..." I knew there was no way he was going to feel you if I hadn't yet, and I laughed at him for thinking that he was going to be so ingenious as to be the first one to feel you kick. But to my surprise, a minute later, there you were. We both looked at each other with shock on our faces. "Did you feel that?!", I asked. "Yep!" he answered. "I guess I just had to step in," he confidently boasted!

Daddy said it felt like a heartbeat, just a soft little bump. But since then I have felt you frequently, after I eat or when I lay down to go to bed. And sometimes it is such a large movement that I think it must be you doing a somersault or practicing your yoga. It's a happy flutter that I now feel in my stomach when normally it would have just been in my heart like  butterflies. It gives me peace, knowing that you are in there growing stronger each day, and your presence comforts me. You are a little creation of God, and soon you will be ready to meet the world!

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