For the Love of Lamb

Uncle Varugis and Aunt Leanne gave Julianna this stuffed animal, and she loves using it to practice her signs of affection. Mommy and Daddy are starting to get a little jealous.


Summer Visitors

In June, our friends Amy and JB from Oklahoma came to visit us with their six month old son, Evan. Amy and JB have a very special place in my heart since I have known both of them since High School. There is a unique bond you have with good friends from childhood... friends who know the house you grew up in, are familiar with your parents and your siblings and who can relate to a very defining time in your life. These people know what you looked like when you had permed hair and tight rolled your jeans. Let's just say, you have a History together.

And because of that History, seeing them like THIS is even more crazy and beautiful. 

When Amy and I usually get together it's all about crafting, a little bead shopping here and a little scrapbooking there. But this time we were burdened with two little angels who required feeding, diaper changes, naps and two arms each to carry them every where they needed to go. I'm not saying it was awful - just different. We're no longer our own boss. But at least upper management is cute!

And the best part of it all is that our husbands get along. Give them some golf clubs and they might not even come home unless it's to smooch on their respective babies. I'd say Amy and I are pretty lucky.
While visiting, Amy was generous enough to take some family shots of the Georges. We take so many pictures of Julianna by herself and with both Matt and I individually, but family shots are hard to come by, so I'm going to treasure these for years to come.

We're hoping to make this visit an annual tradition... at least until there are a few more kids involved and it all becomes a lot more complicated. But in the meantime, we're pretty excited that Evan and Julianna are close enough in age to play together (even though they couldn't quite yet sit together).