Around Here | Spring 2011

Throughout the Winter months in Seattle, we get a lot of weather that looks (and feels) 
like this.

We have lived here going on four years now, and each Winter brings me a different set of emotions. Our first year felt almost unbearable, and a quick escape to Dallas didn't make it any easier, reminding me how good the sun feels on your face and skin. A lack of Vitamin D is almost like a lack of water! The second year, I was more prepared for what was ahead, so I spent time snuggling in blankets on the couch, enjoying hot coffee and tea and taking the opportunity to declutter and organize our closets. Hibernation is an important part of our overall well being; a time to rest, relax and regroup. However in the Pacific Northwest, it's a little hard to predict how many dormant months we will have. Some years Spring feels like a continuation of Winter with lots of rain and dreary cold weather all the way through late May (not only do our closets get an overhaul, but so does the garage!). Other years bring a glorious Spring, full of Cherry blossoms and daffodil blooms, vibrant, saturated colors soaked with dew, and I'm reminded that this is a season not to be overlooked. I take a deep breath and watch the world awaken.

It'll be interesting to see how Julianna views the seasons and weather as she grows older. Originally I thought she was going to be a home body as she was quite hesitant to even touch grass let alone walk in it. But lately, she's been begging to go outdoors. Every time our car turns into our neighborhood she immediately prepares for the opportunity to go outside, repeating, "Walk? Walk? Walk?" over and over as we drive up our street and pull into the garage. The requests/demands don't stop until I acknowledge her words with an "Okay" or "No, not this time; it's raining!"

Although I do like the outdoors, I've never been one to want to hang outside if the grass is wet and the air is chilly. That hasn't stopped Julianna. She's perfectly content stomping around the driveway in her boots, feeling the breeze in her curly locks and exclaiming, "OH! Bird!" ... "OH! Woof, Woof!" ... "OH! Car!" I guess it's a reminder that new experiences are beautiful and exciting. And although these things aren't new to me, I get to see them as such through her gleaming eyes and pointer finger.

Since Julianna has forced me out of my comfort zone (that snuggly blanket on the couch), I've welcomed early Spring outdoors. So I've been able to fully appreciate the texture and color around our yard.

My absolute favorite is this gorgeous bush in our neighbor's yard. I'm amazed by it every time I drive up our street, and I anticipate its blooms every year.

It's branches appear burly and harsh like Winter, 
but the color of its blooms is as fresh as Spring.

We live on a cul-de-sac towards the top of a hill, and there is a flat space at the very top where kids can ride bikes and play make believe. The other day, Julianna and I found the area covered in tiny flower petals. 

We danced, we skipped, we side stepped down the slop. And Jules' face couldn't have been more lit up with joy. Yes, we may have a few more grey skies ahead, but in between we will venture forth and soak up Spring!

"OH! A Bird!" :)