39 Weeks and Waiting!!!

This will probably be my last post before Julianna arrives. I can't believe it's only 2 days until my due date!

I have been doing a few things here and there the last week to prepare, including:
• Got my hair cut and highlighted (must look good in hospital pics! haha)
• Made two casseroles and put them in the freezer
• Installed car seat and had it "inspected" at the fire station (they were very helpful and gave me a thorough tutorial!)
• Bought a video camera (the in-laws will definitely appreciate this when they have to leave their grand baby and head back to India... "we'll send videos, we promise!")
• Laid out Julianna's "take home" outfit. Will it be comfortable? too warm? too cold? Guess she can survive anything for the two and a half mile ride home in her safety inspected car seat!

Everyone has been asking how I'm feeling. And up until early last week, I was fine. I kept wondering what all the fuss was about. But lately, I'm starting to feel the changes: sore back, getting up 100 plus times a night to use the restroom, gaining a slight waddle in the evenings. I know the pain "THAT DAY" is going to involve, so up until now, I've been okay with putting it off. But since it is inevitable, I'm starting to think, lets just get it over with!! Grandma Cristy (my mom) is arriving on Saturday (my due date), so I'm willing to wait until then, but I'm going to grow ever more impatient after that! What? Only 5% of women actually deliver on their due date? I thought the point of surprise birthday parties was to surprise the birthday girl, not her mother! ugh.

Anyway, I'm posting some pics taken recently of Matt and I. My childhood friend, Amy - from Oklahoma, who visited about a month ago, did a fabulous job of capturing how excited Matt and I are about welcoming Julianna into the world.