Week 27: Colorado

This week I spent 10 days at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Colorado. The whole trip was a little surreal knowing that this would be the last time I visited before you become a permanent fixture in our lives. Although we can't wait for you to get here, we know that things will never be the same once you do. So I enjoyed:
• taking a couple of peaceful naps while it rained lightly and thunder clouds rolled in;
• taking a walk around the lake with Grandpa and stopping at Java Groove to have a cup of joe as has become our little tradition; 
• shopping with Grandma, leisurely enjoying a fabric store and a scrapbook supply store; 
• meeting several of Grandma's new friends during a journaling session which she held at her house. During one of the exercises, we were supposed to imagine our lives three years from now and write about that day in present tense as if it was happening now. I know you were on both of our minds, envisioning you as a toddler, a whole new dimension added to our lives.

Uncle Jarrett stopped by as well. He is such a family oriented guy, and I'm always amazed at the importance he places on being around while I am there. He is so excited about becoming an Uncle and he really wanted to feel you kick. But every time he tried, you sat as still as could be. Maybe you were just trying to save that special moment for him when he has his own baby on the way (a moment that he hopes is still an eternity away!). 

Lastly, Grandma and I worked on your baby quilt. Grandma has been a long time quilter, but it wasn't until now that I have really taken any interest in the hobby. We spent several days designing the quilt and then cutting fabric and piecing it all together. Now grandma is left with binding and quilting it. I'm glad that it was something we could do together, and it will always be a reminder of your grandmother whether it is hanging in your nursery, folded at the end of your bed or keeping us warm while we watch a movie on the couch. In these technology centric times, there is no better way to show love than spending hours on end, laboring over a one of a kind work of art with the recipient central in our minds. A true labor of love.

You were already a very central part of my trip and you haven't even yet graced us with your unique presence! We love you Julianna.

It's hard to see what the finished quilt will look like, but it will have two columns of birds (one on each side) with pinwheels in the middle. We are also adding a thin raspberry border and a thicker turquoise border around the outside perimeter. More pictures to come when it's all finished!

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