Week 22: Painting the Nursery

This week Grandpa Jon came to visit. We are so lucky that his office headquarters are in Seattle, so occasionally he gets free trips out of the deal, and this was one of those times. He stayed a whole week and helped me paint both of our extra bedrooms. Initially we were just going to paint what will from now on be the guest/scrapbook room. It was a small chore, just repainting below the chair rail to freshen up the room. But it went so well that I got the bright idea we should go ahead and whip out the nursery too!

Grandpa Jon was great during the whole thing. I had selected a yellow for your room, but after we got one wall painted, we had a lot of doubts that it was the color we wanted. Your room was screaming, "Good Morning Sunshine!!" And although we wanted something cheery, I didn't want it to be sensory overload. So Grandpa and I went to the paint store two more times, looking at paint swatches and fretting over what would be the exact right shade of butter yellow. I was surprised that Grandpa was so concerned and involved in trying to select the color, but I think it was just the first sign (of many to come) that he is willing to do anything for his precious grand daughter! Now your room is glowing warmly, waiting to be filled with decorations to welcome your arrival.
I've had several questions about what the nursery theme will be. Because I'm not one for themes, it took me a while to decide how I wanted to decorate. But I think I finally have a few ideas. The jumping off point was these adorable numbered bird flash cards. My mom and I found them in one of my favorite areas in Seattle called Ballard. They were in a little store, Clover, that sells handmade wooden toys, dolls and other childrens goods (and of course, I later found out that they are also sold at Land of Nod). My mom and I have plans to make a quilt with small printed fabrics in bright colors (raspberry, tangerine, lime, turquoise) and also possibly make some curtains. I love an eclectic feel, so I'm hoping it will come together slowly but surely. I'm sure I'll post pictures as we get further along. Thanks for your interest and following along on our little baby journey!!

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