Week 28: Corn syrup anyone?

This little baby is a sugar high (and crash) disguised in a cute little bottle and colored a pretty shade of red. I had to drink it so the doctor could do a standardized test for diabetes. I had heard rumors that it was horrible tasting and likely to cause gagging, but while drinking it I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't much different from Big Red or Koolaid. That is until I finished it and started feeling light-headed and immediately wanted to eat something to balance out the sugar rush, but couldn't because I had to fast for an hour before taking the test.

I know you were feeling its effects as well, because you started bouncing all around in my belly like you were jumping on a trampoline. Even the nurse got a smile on her face when she listened for your heartbeat and you kicked and squirmed as soon as she laid a hand on my stomach. They say kids will bounce off the walls when they are given sweets, but I hadn't realized they meant off the walls of my uterus (evidently, I'm already becoming desensitized in regards to speaking about unpleasant sounding parts of my anatomy - please forgive!). No more sugar for you until you are 18, Little Missy!

I also got my RhoGham shot today (to negate me from making any antibodies if our blood types were to mix) and will have to get another one after your birth. The doctor told me that from now until your birth date I have to do "kick counts" every day. This means that I have to count 10 kicks from you within any two hour increment during the day (best done after eating a meal). You have been pretty active lately, so I don't think this will be a very big challenge for either of us. My next appointment is in two weeks. Evidently I better start getting your nursery decorated, because more frequent trips to the doctor's office means I am in my third trimester and you will soon be here!!

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  1. Just so you know the diabetes drink has come along way. You are so lucky to get the red stuff. Mine was orange. :) Blech! I'm getting so excited for you. Just wish I was there to share it with you.

    I had the RhoGham shot too. You must be O- or +. Can't remember which blood type I have, I just remember I had to have the shots.

    BTW..Can I send your blog to Amy? I know she would love to see it!