Week 20: Second Sonogram

We got to see you today. You were posing for your senior picture with your little cheek resting on your fist.  We saw your heart pumping away and we even saw you open your mouth like you were yawning (taking after your mother who loves to get her beauty rest!). Daddy held my hand through the whole sonogram; it was so good to have him there by my side... to experience it together. Of most importance to me was hearing that you are healthy, but second on the list was getting the confirmation that you are indeed a GIRL! Honestly, we both would have been shocked to hear otherwise after the 90% chance given at the first sonogram. 

Even though Daddy claimed he was holding on to the 10% chance that you might be a boy, I think he's warming up to the idea of having a sweet little girl (now that he has thought about it and realizes he can still teach you golf, track and volleyball). He did have to swallow his pride and admit to his best friend and his brother that they were right after all. I think they both knew that he needed a little girl dressed in pink to soften him around the edges and melt his big heart.

And trust me little one, that's what you are already starting to do!

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  1. So fun! I remember getting those sonos. :)