We're Expecting!

Yep, it's true. We found out in mid December 2008 that I am pregnant. We discovered the news three days before leaving for our (nearly annual) India trip. The timing worked out perfectly actually, because we got to share the news with Matt's parents in person!

Since we started sharing the news with some of our friends, I have had several people say that I need to start a blog so they can keep up with us for the next nine or so months. So I dug up this old blog I started (and never shared with anyone) when we first moved to Seattle! Hopefully this time, I'll be a little better at keeping up with it.

My plan for now is to upload pages that I have been working on in my pregnancy journal. It's a pregnancy scrapbook actually, and I have been writing in it weekly... so you can check back regularly to see what all three of the Georges are up to!

Can't wait to share all our news and feelings... thanks for reading!
Steph and Matt

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