Week 3: Discovering the News

The typical pregnancy lasts 40 weeks (I know, I know, the annoying pregnant woman jargon, "I'm 28 weeks along." When all you want to know is if she is due next month, in two months or in twenty months... who talks in weeks?!). We are forced to use this speak because our doctors do it, and every single thing you read about pregnancy refers to the different stages in weeks, so before you know... weeks it is! 

So, I'm starting this journal at Week 3, because technically week one and two are before you are pregnant, and I didn't figure I needed to go into the birds and the bees in this journal. I'll probably go back and add a few pages at the beginning as an intro, but for now, moving forward is what I call making progress.

The journal page reads:
Today I took a home pregnancy test, and I think it turned out positive!

I say, "I think", because the line is very faint. But last month when I took the test, absolutely nothing happened; so I think even a faint line must be a good thing. I'm a little hesitant to get excited just yet though (what if I'm hoping really hard that the line is there and am therefore making it faintly appear only to shyly disappear when I try to show it to anyone else?). So just to confirm that I wasn't crazy, I got the pregnancy test out of the trash four different times over the next several hours (digging through the trash = definitely not crazy!) to double, triple, quadruple check. Every time however, as faint as the line was... it was THERE!

This morning I woke up and immediately took a second home pregnancy test, and again, it was positive, but still VERY faint. I was a little frustrated that the line wasn't screaming, "YOU'RE PREGNANT!", because I think that is about what it would take for me to truly be convinced. I do have to admit though, a little smile came over my face as I crawled back into bed. Surely two tests couldn't be wrong, even if they were whispering!

After laying in bed and not being able to go back to sleep (how could I?!), I called the doctor and made an appointment. (There was one way to put this faint line business to rest!) I felt a little sneaky going to the doctor without even telling Matt, but I also wanted to surprise him with the news if it was in fact positive.

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