Week 5: Belgium

We spent the week in Brussels during a layover on our way to India. It was the first time either of us had been to Belgium, and we had so much fun exploring the city together. We took a one hour train ride to Bruges, which was the most romantic city I have ever been in with its cobblestone streets, magnificent medieval buildings and quiet canals. And everything seemed all the more romantic, just the two of us, together, knowing we were pregnant.
I was talking to one of my friends, and telling her how nice it was for Matt and I to take a vacation, just the two of us (he and I haven't travelled much together alone). Then she pointed out... we weren't really alone... there were actually three of us on that trip! Guess it's true, Baby G has now been to Belgium and India. Hopefully that will give him/her the travel bug in the future. As soon as this kid is born, I'm going to start him/her on chores to earn some money so he can pay his own way to India! Anyone need some dishes washed?

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  1. so So SO cute!! I love it Steph!
    xoxo, mel