My Scrapbook Pregnancy Journal

Here are the first stages of my pregnancy journal. I started out with a "template" which was an album full of odd size pages which I cut out from different kinds and colors of scrapbook paper. I got the idea to do my pregnancy journal this way from an inspirational scrapbooker who's blog I love to read, Ali Edwards. Around November of last year, she started a scrapbook called December Daily. The idea was that she would put together an album with 25 empty pages made of scrap papers, envelopes and embellishments ahead of time, so that in December she could record each day's events leading up to Christmas quickly and easily as they happened. I loved the look of her scrapbook, because all the pages were different sizes, textures and colors. When she was finished (she posted her progress every single day), she had a beautiful keepsake that looked like a treasure chest of goodies to touch and explore. That's when the idea came to me, maybe the concept could be adapted into a pregnancy journal. Of course, I started the framework for mine after I was already several weeks pregnant, but I am quickly catching up, and am so glad I have started this process.

There are so many things that happen in our daily lives that either go unnoticed or are quickly forgotten. This is why I love to scrapbook and take pictures. It is my way of capturing those moments in time and cherishing the little details that make the big difference in life. This pregnancy journal is one way that I will be able to capture all the thoughts and feelings that I have throughout this nine month process, and it will be a keepsake that I can pass on to my children when they have questions about how long my morning sickness lasted or how thin I was before I brought them into the world! 

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