Week 3, Part 2: Telling Matt

So week 3 is a little long. Discovering your pregnant is a lot of news to digest!
I just couldn't wait for the doctor's confirmation to tell Matt our news. I decided two positive tests was good enough for government work. So after we ate dinner, I rushed back to my scrapbook room and quickly wrapped the little gift I had planned to use to break the news to him. My heart was fluttering with anticipation, and I thought, this must be what a guy feels like right before he is about to propose. I hurried back to the kitchen, and told Mat that I wanted to give him a little Christmas gift. We had agreed not to exchange gifts since we were splurging on a big India trip, so he reluctantly accepted, feeling a little outdone.

Matt slowly opened the gift and pulled out a bib that said "I love daddy". He smiled, gave a little chuckle and then placed it on the counter. I looked at him not sure he was getting the point (and halfway hoping he wasn't, because this was a little less of a reaction than I was expecting). "Do you know what that means?", I asked. After a second of contemplation, a light suddenly went on. "YOU'RE PREGNANT?!!" I smiled to confirm and his eyes filled with emotion (and a few tears); he grabbed me in a huge embrace.

It was such a wonderful moment to see him so overcome with excitement. I wished I had it on video for others to see, but I will never forget the look on his face.
One of the pages is actually the envelope which holds the card I gave to Matt when I told him the news.

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