Dental Hygienist

Some of you may know that I post a monthly picture of Julianna on Facebook. I'm planning to print these pictures as 8"x8" enlargements to put in her baby book as monthly dividers, so each month I try to either represent the current holiday, a monthly theme or some milestone that Julianna has crossed. I decided May should be dedicated to Julianna's two new teeth (and the third and fourth that are on their way).
Julianna wants you to know that she EARNED those two teeth. She's not just a drama queen and those are not crocodile tears.
You do see them, right, the 'not crocodile' tears? Because her mom obviously can't. In the midst of a 101 degree fever, excruciating gum pain and the risk of starvation from only being able to tolerate teething biscuits, her MOM was TAKING PICTURES of her.
The audacity!
So, back to those monthly pictures. After all that hard work from teething, you better learn how to take care of those baby pearly whites. So Here's a lesson from the world's youngest dental hygienist.
Does she have your full attention?
Ok, you start with a toothbrush and toothpaste. They look like this.
And these are the bristles.
And you use them like this.
And you have to brush for a LONG time (this is for demonstration purposes only. When you only have two teeth you can just do some quick chomping).
And that's it! Your teeth are brushed and your breath smells delicious! Mwah!!

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  1. Such a cute post! Love those pics of her with the toothbrush and toothpaste! Great shots!