I'm a MOM?!

Mother's Day breakfast: Eggs, orange juice, coffee, and Belgian waffles with banana and syrup all prepared by the hubby. Yum!
I still kind of can't believe I'm a MOM. I called my Mom on Mother's Day to wish her a happy day, and then I thought about the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I think of her because of the hundreds of school projects and papers she helped me with, the elaborate Birthday parties she threw for me, the many "Mommy looks" she gave me, the million times she has prepared food for me or driven me somewhere, the countless hours we have talked on the phone and the certainty she has given me that she will always be there. And then I realized, that someday, I will be all that for my little one. It's pretty crazy.
And also pretty awesome. Thank you Mom for teaching me how to be all that. And thank you to my hubby for giving me a beautiful little girl to be all that for.

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