Looking For A Reaction.

This scrunchy nose has become a favorite game of Julianna's. It's pretty difficult not to smile when she scrunches it up and and then "snorts". And the more we laugh, the more excited she gets. Scrunch, snort! Scrunch, snort! (Ok, maybe we do encourage it just a bit... all three of us snorting away at the dinner table.)
I guess baby snorts aren't too bad. But the other day while I was in the camera shop, Julianna was sitting on the floor playing by herself quite nicely, when she looked up at the sales lady and growled at her. I didn't miss the opportunity to explain that she learned it from her father. But the very brave sales lady brushed it off saying a little growling never hurt anyone, "...especially when it's done with those cute little smiling eyes".

I guess the next time we read Jules her animal book, we better skip the bear page and stick with the kittens and puppies.

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