Downward Dog, er, Cat.

It's been known for a while now that Dash has had a bit of a weight problem. We've tried putting him on diet food, reducing his serving sizes and making sure he gets outside to get a little exercise, but honestly, we've kind of given up. So now we are just careful when we talk about him as to not hurt his feelings. He prefers we call him "big boned" or "fluffy" or his favorite, The Lion.
Julianna really loves her Lion. When we are holding her, she twists her body into all kinds of contortions to watch him walk by. Her whole face lights up when she sees him, and she chirps in an effort to mimic his meow. What we didn't realize was how much she truly cares about his well-being. Much to our surprise, the other day we saw her suggesting an exercise routine for him.
She told him to first start with a few push-ups. She did about 75 to make sure he understood the proper form.
Next she showed him a few yoga moves, like down-ward dog (she told him he could call it downward cat, if that made him feel better).
Finally some leg lifts for good measure.
And as with all good exercise regimens, she recommended that he do some stretches at the end to wind down.

She really did offer an all-around workout, but Dash just wasn't in the mood for such advice. Julianna coaxed and coaxed but he turned his back on her (and since she chooses not to crawl forward yet, there was nothing she could do).
Luckily, the next day they were back to being friends again.
Hair pulling and all.

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