Happy 1/2 Birthday

March 1st, 2010
Dear Julianna,

It seems you are growing up so fast, and yet, you are only 6 months old. Because I'm a new mommy, everything mommy-related is now of interest to me. I like to read mommy blogs, chat with other mommies, see what moms are doing to capture every moment of their child's life. And in doing this, I find myself very often wondering, did I already let some of those precious fleeting moments pass me by without properly documenting them? Did I get those tiny little fingers and toes when they were itsy bitsy and oh so new, before they could hold on to things or reach out with intention? Did I video record your first noises and capture the pride on your face when you realized you were the one making those sounds? Did I take a picture of the look in your daddy's eyes when he came home after work those first few weeks and couldn't bare to put you down long enough to eat his dinner? Did I record the love that your grandparents' showered on you when they met you for the very first time? Did I write down all your measurements and save your hospital bracelets and tiny little knit hat? Have I done more (or less) than every other adoring mom who recently experienced this miracle called new life?

Capturing every day life has always been a favorite hobby of mine, from working on the yearbook staff in high school and college to taking pictures, journaling and scrapbooking. I guess it's my sentimental side. My deep, yet simple side. The one that recognizes that the best parts of life are celebrating human relationships and experiences, the fleeting moments; good morning smiles, chubby baby cheeks, kiss sandwiches, lazy, snuggle days, listening to the rain, admiring a full rainbow of colors, big bear hugs... Having you has ignited a new drive in me to recognize and appreciate these precious moments as often as I can. You, little bity baby, show us how vulnerable our big, adult hearts really are.

I love you little munchkin, I hope everything I do reinforces that.
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