A Seat At The Table

Julianna, at 5.5 months, you are devouring quite a variety of foods. For breakfast you have your choice (which is whatever mom gives you) of peaches, applesauce or bananas. And for Dinner, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and green beans have all been introduced. By far, sweet potatoes are your favorite and you show us this by waiting with your mouth open while we are scooping the next bite out of the bowl.

Up until about a week ago, we were feeding you while holding you on our laps. It was quite a challenge to wipe the excess off your face with the spoon or to even get everything in your mouth before you turned your head, all while holding down your arms so you wouldn't stick your hands or your bib in your mouth. We finally decided on a high chair, and I think we are all quite happy with it. It has a lot of size adjustments so it will grow with you, and it even has some removable padding that keeps you from sliding around since you are such a tiny squirt. It's also great to have a place to put you while I prepare your food. We mix rice cereal into your solids and you watch us intently while we do it. There is no allowance for us to get distracted. That rice cereal box is the promise that food is coming, and if we are not looking at you or mixing food, we hear about it.

So far we are able to keep you fairly clean by wiping your face with the spoon after each bite. But I have a feeling it's only a matter of time before we have to spray you down after every meal. You already are showing a lot of interest in the bowls we serve you from. Luckily, right now, the high chair tray is wider than your arm is long.

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