Car Window

Lately, we have experienced major progress in car rides. Just a few short weeks ago you would cry every time we put you in your car seat, and often it would escalate to all out screaming, making it hard to concentrate on driving anywhere. But since we diagnosed and addressed your acid reflux, we now look back at you in the rear view mirror and see a silent baby looking out the window as the world passes her by. A sense of peace and freedom suddenly comes over us. Where do we want to go? Anywhere! The sky is the limit!

The other day, Daddy said when he sees you looking out the window with complete wonderment, it makes him happy. There are little things in our lives that remind us of our childhood, whether it be the smell of freshly cut grass on a warm summer day, the sight of birthday candles flickering on a cake, or the sound of dress shoes walking down the hall as they are about to head to work. They remind us of our childhood innocence. And seeing you looking out the window reminds us of a time when we weren't so much thinking of where we were trying to go or what time we needed to be there. Instead the passing trees and lakes and tall grass allowed us to drift into our imaginations, where we partook in adventures only possible in day-dreams conjured up from the seat of the car. And all the while, we had the security of knowing that our parents were the drivers, responsible for getting us where we needed to be.

Reflecting on these feelings gives us the uncanny realization that now we are the parents and someone is looking to us to provide that sense of comfort and stability. It's a big responsibility, but luckily the punches come in stages, and right now we just have to take care of your basic needs. And part of doing that, is enjoying all the cuteness you bestow on us. We fall in love with you more every day. It's so easy. Especially when we arrive home, open the passenger door, and find this:

The day's adventures wearing you completely out. And off to dreamland you go. We lift you carefully from the car and carry you to the kitchen table. And then we stand and admire those chubby cheeks and perfect little lips. And we want to give them a thousand kisses and preserve them in a hundred photographs.

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