Valentine's Day

It must have been a little embarrassing to Julianna that she was accompanied by her mother on her first date. Her friend, Jack, invited her out for brunch a few days before Valentine's day and when she arrived at the table her first ever Valentine's Day card was waiting for her! Jack was born exactly one week after Jules, but it's been a bit of a joke comparing the two side by side... "Jack the Giant" and "Jules the Shrimp" make for quite a pair. Jack's mom wrote about their date on her blog, and rather than recounting it myself, I thought I'd just post her version....

Jack had his first Valentines date last Friday when he met Jules for lunch at George's. Jules ordered the Eggs Domata and a latte while Jack jumped straight to the Feta Burger with a beer since technically it was after noon. The conversation between the two was mostly about diet and exercise (i.e. solid foods and exersaucers). They also laughed about keeping their moms on their toes with their unpredictable napping. Jules also showed Jack her trick to get her mom to take her out of her car seat and hold her at the table. Jack tried, but to no avail...better luck next time.
As a passive observer I'd say there was a love connection made.

Side Note: I'm going to TRY to start being a better blogger, basically as a way to document some of what's going on in Julianna's life so that later I can easily add these stories to her baby book without having to try to recall everything from memory! I'm also doing this as a way for her grandparents to have a little weekly dose of their grand baby. Since I'm so far behind, there will be a small flurry of posts to try to catch up a bit, and then after that, fingers crossed, things will be slightly more regular. So ladies, feel free to unsubscribe if this becomes less than pertinent to you, because as I said, this will be more of a personal way to keep up with our daily happenings. But if you'd like a little daily, weekly or monthly Jules (which ever it happens to be), I hope you enjoy! :)

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  1. I enjoy! I enjoy! Love you guys! ♥Jennie♥