Breaking the Swaddle

I think laying her down those first few times without the swaddle was probably harder on me than it was on her. Would she still be comfortable? Would she be cold? Would she be able to stay asleep without that security blanket? But the transition didn't seem to bother her much. A quiet, dark room, Mommy patting her back, the addition of a new white noise machine and she settled right down, laying her head on my shoulder and wrapping her tiny little arm around my neck. A smooth transition from my arms to her bed required a little more planning since she was no longer wrapped like a mummy, but after a few days, she relaxed enough to hardly wake as I laid her down.

Now, just before I walk out of her room, I'm able to admire her tiny little body which used to be hidden beneath a blanket. Perfect little hands and feet, tiny fingers and toes, relaxed and peaceful as she exits this world and enters dreamland. My baby is growing up. Not yet a kid, but no longer an infant.

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