Week 11: Telling Friends

This page is  a little busy, but there was a lot I wanted to convey. On the left hand side, I took messages that people sent me on Facebook and made a little list of their comments. It actually ended up being two pages long, so you can lift up the first page (from the bottom, lifting out of the photo corners) and read the second page. On the right, I journaled about spreading the news. It reads:

We finally decided to start spreading the news about you this week. Technically, we should have waited two more weeks (completing my first trimester), but we were getting too excited to wait. Almost all our friends live out of town (it's been a year and a half since we left Dallas), so spreading the news required many phone calls. Only after that did we post our news on a popular networking website called Facebook. Matt's status read: Matt is Stephanie's baby daddy. And mine read: Stephanie has a bun in her oven. Soon we were flooded with well-wishes and congratulations!

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