Week 12: Valentine's Day

This week I thought I'd add a little Valentine's Day card for the baby to be. Matt calls the little one his "Baby Button". So the valentine is addressed to Button. On the back, I wrote a note about what we did this Vday. It reads:

Originally Daddy and I had planned to avoid the crowds and spend Valentine's Day at home grilling a few steaks for dinner. But then as the evening progressed, we decided we might like to go to a movie and out to eat. We headed to Bellevue Square, bought tickets for Gran Torino which was playing later in the evening and then headed to Maggiano's for dinner. While sharing a spinach salad and baked ziti, we thought about what it will be like this time next year when you will be 6 months old!! We are so excited and anxious and really can't imagine what our lives will be like with you as a new addition. In the meantime, we were even more appreciative this Valentine's Day of our alone time together, just the two of us out for a romantic evening!

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