Week 7: Our Blueberry

The book I'm reading, "What to Expect When You Are Expecting", says you are now the size of a blueberry! It's so much fun to imagine a little tiny you inside my belly. I can't wait for each new week to come, and to imagine you growing bigger and bigger.

The first several weeks of pregnancy, everything seemed so surreal. I often found myself wondering if I was really pregnant. But this week, you are making yourself known! I spent the first four days after returning home from India sleeping and feeling a bit nauseous. Although feeling sick to my stomach isn't much fun, I now have little doubt that you are on your way.

Dad and I have decided to wait a little while longer before breaking the news to our friends and extended family. But it's getting harder and harder. Who should we break the news to first? How will everyone react? Grandma Cristy is chomping at the bit to tell her friends (I think she has already told two!). She was just asking me yesterday how much longer she will have to wait!

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