A Recent Favorite Design Project

A fun little trivia question for you: 
Why are the letters of the alphabet named uppercase and lowercase? 
It's a reference to the way Typesetters stored their letters. Capital letters were stored in the Upper drawers and the regular letters in the Lower drawers.

With inkjet and laser printers, my daughter will probably never even know about those beautiful, old metal block letters!

Probably due to my graphic design background, I have an affinity for typecase drawers, so when I came across a project on Ali Edward's scrapbooking blog using a typecase drawer to display family photos, I knew I'd love to make something similar. The idea was stored in the back of my mind as a future to-do project until a few months ago when I came across a fantastic cubby organizer at Potterybarn.

I'm not an impulsive buyer, but the moment I saw it, I knew what I wanted to do with it. I also knew it could easily be repurposed down the road as storage in a craft room, office, bathroom or closet. So many possibilities!

After making the purchase I rushed home, quickly deciding that the first six months of Julianna's life would become the current theme for my organizer. I knew I wanted to use large photos to fill each cubby, leaving a few open for a bit of breathing room. I selected 13 favorite family photos, and had them printed as 5x7s with the intention of triming them down to 5" squares. I wanted the pictures to sit up in the cubbies without curling or falling down and envisioned them sitting at different depths to emphasize the dimension of the cubbies. Using black foam core, I created L-shaped picture stands, cut at two different lengths. A few of the pictures now sit at the front of the cubby (using a longer length stand), a few sit halfway into the cubby (using the shorter length stand), and the remaining are mounted on foam core without stands, so they sit at the very back of the cubby. Each image is attached to the foam core with four double sided adhesive squares so that they can be updated with current favorites over time.

The completed project now hangs in our entryway and is a great way to recall cherished memories. Originally, I thought I'd update the pictures every six months or so, but I'm realizing that for now, I really enjoy looking back on those first few months after Julianna was welcomed into our lives.


There happens to be 25 numbered cubbies; I'm thinking there could be a fun 25 Days of Christmas project in my future!

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