Leavenworth Road Trip

Over President's Day Weekend, Matt had a day off work, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to take a one-day vacation from dishes, laundry, television and studying. We headed out on a day trip to Leavenworth. Ever since I found out about this Alpine Bavarian Village, I've wanted to check it out. A two-hour drive (from Kirkland, WA) through the mountains to escape daily life and enter a quaint village amidst the beautiful backdrop of the surrounding Alpine hills.

We planned ahead, knowing that our little angel would not make it through the day without a nap. We woke up in the morning, ate a good breakfast, got dressed, packed the car and then secured Julianna in her car seat with her snuggle blanket and Preston the puppy just in time for her mid-day nap. We held our breath and started driving in hopes that she would sleep soundly until we arrived at our destination.

We enjoyed a peaceful drive through the Wenatchee National Forest, escaping into a beautiful Winter wonderland.

Seat Warmer. Coffee. Water. Homemade Trail Mix. Diaper bag. Wallet. Check!
 Julianna slept most of the way, but (surprise!) woke just as we were opening the trail mix.

We pulled into the cute little German town and found it bustling with people, strollers and dogs all out enjoying the holiday weekend.

After strolling the streets and perusing a few shops, we stopped for a quick treat. Julianna anxiously signed more with every bite Matt gave her from a tiny taste tester spoon. Her Daddy may have met his ice cream eating match!

Leavenworth was an easy escape, a fun day trip and I imagine we'll be going back when Julianna is a little older. It has that magical quality of a lighted Christmas town, bustling with merry shoppers.

Matt has always said that I am a cheap date (one alcoholic beverage and I'm feeling slightly toasty and completely happy), and I suppose he could say the same for my love of road trips. They put me in a romantic spirit, completely refreshed and feeling invigorated about life. I love sitting cozily in the car with loved ones, the sound of the wheels on the road as we make our escape, and discovering unfamiliar lands. Filled with delight and wonder, we explore new territory – sight, sound, taste, smell - our senses rejuvenated. Then with a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment we drive home, the perfect time to reflect, unwind and exchange favorite parts of the day. Arriving on a familiar street, we turn into a well worn driveway, the garage door beckons and a single lighted lamp softly welcomes us back. Comfort, security, the intimacy of our own home. Familiar, yet renewed. Life seems fresh again.

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