I've been wanting to do this one for a while now...

A Game of MadGab, by Julianna George
(*Can you guess the words?)

1. putilator
2. nuke
3. chedieoh
4. cackoo
5. i luhlou

Julianna seems to be learning new words by the minute, and when she repeats words they are coming out more and more clearly. A handout I read at the pediatrician's office said that by two years of age, most of the "jabbering" has disappeared. I feel like I'm seeing this transition daily. And although it is very exciting and makes for a super proud Mamma, it's also bittersweet.

A couple of nights ago, Matt was wearing a band-aid on his finger at dinnertime. Julianna pointed to the band-aid with a look of confusion, so we told her Daddy had an "owie". At first she had a strange look on her face, and Matt joked that she must have thought the owie was gross. But then we saw her put her fist to the corner of her eye and twist it back and forth (the sign for sad or cry). Exchanging glances with one another, Matt and I questioned whether she was actually signing sad or if she was just rubbing her eye because it was nearing her bedtime. (Neither of us have used that sign before, but she has seen it on one of her DVDs.) Just as we were about to dismiss the whole thing, she confirmed her understanding by rubbing her palm on her chest in a circular motion and saying, "I sorry."

Although these seem like very simple gestures, it was astonishing to us. Not only did she comprehend that Matt was hurt, but she felt sympathy for him and then she was able to communicate her feelings in two different ways. It was the most complex display of emotions we've seen from her, and it almost felt like we had just had a conversation with her.

The following night, Matt arrived home and after seeing Julianna's dishes in the sink, he asked her, "Julianna, did you have dinner?" Without hesitation she answered, "Yes I Did."

At 18 months, we are now moving into the 2-4 word phrases.
Yes, it is truly bittersweet!
*Answers: 1. computer  2. milk  3. Cheerio  4. cracker/cookie  5. I love you

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