Treats for Tashi

Below is a more recent video of Julianna. This was taken at my parents' house in Colorado over Christmas.

We all wondered how Julianna (then 15 months) and my parents' cat, Tashi, would get along. Tashi is my parents' only child living at home, and he is rather pampered as far as "Hersley cats" go (eats wet cat food, sits on bathroom sinks to get a drink of water and uses a litter box rather than having to go outside). In honor of all our previous cats (and we've had many), I'm honestly a bit sore regarding their blatant spoiling of this cat, especially since although he will snuggle with my mom to the point of her near suffocation, he won't as much as sit on my lap while I'm visiting. He'd prefer to wait at the bottom of the staircase and attack my feet as I descend or mercilessly hide around corners and repeatedly jump out to scare me. Believe it or not, Tashi's name is short for Tashi Delek, a Tibetan greeting meaning Blessings and Good luck. This is obviously not an indication of his nature but more an ode to the way he came into my mother's life (but that's another story). 

My mom was certain that Tashi would be gentle with Julianna while the rest of us questioned whether he would see her as just another playmate to tag with claws extended. But to our amazement, Julianna and Tashi did seem to have an understanding. Julianna typically approached Tashi with her arms resting behind her back, staying at about a foot's distance. Don't get me wrong, she was very excited about this walking, furry toy she had discovered, often exclaiming, "Kitty! Meow! Meow!" But she knew to be cautious, and the few times she lost her composure and got a little too close, Tashi would run a couple feet away and then plop down on his back as if to tease her.

I'd say their encounter over the holidays was a success. And to solidify the positive we decided to let Julianna give Tashi his treats. Soon it was a daily occurrence (although if we had let her, she would have given him treats as often as she gets snacks - that is, multiple times a day!).

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