Mommy Play Dates

Yep. I'm at that point in my life. Julianna's friends and their moms are the center of my social circle. But it really is awesome. In the three years that we have lived in Seattle, making friends has been a bit slow for me (I'm not the most outgoing or involved person you'll ever meet). So after attending a free class called Snugglers, offered at the hospital where I delivered for moms with babies between the age of 0-3 months, I have met a diverse group of supportive and well-rounded women.

It's a large group and we all keep in touch to find out which car seat to buy next or at what age we need to start child-proofing the house. Every 4-6 weeks the whole group gets together to see how the babies have changed and to line them up side by side and force them to play nice for a picture.
I have clicked with a couple of the moms in particular, and we have now formed a smaller mommy group which meets every Friday. We rotate to one of the four of our homes each week, and there is always something yummy served for lunch (last week was olive risotto and homemade banana bread with cupcakes for dessert). With all the questions that crop up surrounding being a first time mom (when do they start to sit? when do they start teething? What do you do to help alleviate the pain (theirs and ours!)? What foods do we feed them first? etc, etc... the list goes on and on), having a group of women who's babies' ages are all within a month of each other is priceless.
These three have a bit of a love triangle going on. Jack is having a little trouble deciding between the blue-eyed blonde and the exotic half-indian! And shortly after this they were fighting over who would take a nap in the only crib in the house and who would be stuck in the pack-n-play. Last month they were all lying down for a picture, this month they're sitting up and grabbing each other's toys; I'm a little afraid to find out what they'll be doing next month!

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