For Thanksgiving (and to celebrate our three year anniversary which was on Nov. 18th), we decided to take a road trip to San Juan Island. We thought an hour and a half drive would be a piece of cake, however, some of us weren't particularly skilled at practicing patience when we got stuck in a traffic jam on the way (and I'm not just talking about Elmo).But soon we were at the ferry terminal (thankful that we made it in time) and a little lunch put everyone in a much better mood. We were ready to embark on our hour-long scenic journey through the San Juan Islands.

We stayed two nights at a small hotel overlooking Friday Harbor, and enjoyed the gas fireplace and the view looking out of our corner room.

We thought it sounded like a great idea to leave Julianna asleep in her pack and play while we went down to the hotel restaurant to enjoy their five course Thanksgiving meal, but we weren't so sure others would agree. So we had it delivered to our room where we watched Ferris Buellers Day off, sipped wine and tip-toed around the room to ensure that Baby Jules would allow us the time to finish our scrumptious meal uninterrupted!
The following day we drove around the island and checked out the scenery. The next time we return, we hope it'll be in the summer when the weather is a little warmer and Julianna will be old enough for us to enjoy some of what the island has to offer (whale watching, wineries, golf and a lavender farm!). But for now, just being together as a family and seeing some beautiful sites was enough for us to be quite content!

This holiday season, we are so thankful for new beginnings and especially for conversations with this little Jule!

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  1. Seriously, that is the cutest clip ever!! Julianna is absolutely adorable! After seeing this video, I refuse to believe that child is capable of crying or fussing or any of those other silly things!! ;) I love your family! -J