Julianna Sleeps Here

It's ready. It's waiting. Here are a few pics of the nursery.
Here is the quilt, almost in completion. The nursery looks so empty without it, but I had to let mom take it back to Denver with her to finish quilting it. She promises to have it finished when she comes back for Julianna's Birth Day. (I wonder if writing it down in words on my BLOG will make her feel any more pressure to fulfill this promise!)
I'm so excited to have an original quilt designed and made by my mom and I. We made it large enough to fit on a twin bed, so Julianna can use it for years to come. And she'll always know that Grandma Cristy made something just for her!
The "mobile" hanging above the crib. Don't worry, it's securely fastened to the ceiling! Daddy was worried little wooden birdhouses might come crashing down on his Princess' head. We used fabric from the quilt to make the leaves and we painted the tops of the birdhouses to match the color scheme. This little jewel is from Lina who designed and cross-stitched it herself! Love it.

The other side of the room has the bird flash cards we used for inspiration hanging above the changing table (the same changing table my mom used to change my wee bum, I might add).

And a few shelves to store little knick knacks. There is still a bit of empty wall space here and there. I'm planning to hang black and white baby pics of Matt, myself and our parents. Hopefully that will come together before Julianna becomes a teenager!

Thanks for looking. :)


  1. I made the blog! :D

    Love what you did with the prints. Great idea. Are you still thinking of painting the changing table and putting new knobs on it?

  2. This room is just magical! I love the original theme you chose and all the sentimental touches. The mobile was a great idea. Julianna is going to feel blessed being part of your family. "Twinkles" to all of you.