31 Weeks: Feeling Prego!

Several of you have asked me to post some pictures of myself. I know you are all curious what I am looking like these days, and I have been surprised actually how few pictures I have taken of myself since I have started showing. So here are a few to quench your curiosity!

And how has Matt been looking these days? Well, a bit strapped down! :)
Last weekend we went to a five hour "Day About Baby" class at the hospital where I am going to deliver. We got tips and information about Characteristics to expect when Julianna is first born, Bathing, Swaddling, Diapering options and various ways to "carry" the baby. Matt got some first hand practice with a doll and a body sling. It was a fun day, and only increased our ever growing anticipation of Julianna's arrival!

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  1. Cute! How did Matt get out of that thing? Ha! I don't think they had those when my kids were babies! Hee! Getting excited about Julianna's arrival!