Week 15: The First Time I Saw You

When I went to the doctor's office today for my sonogram, I was expecting to see a grainy little picture of a rockstar baby. But what I was not expecting was for the sonographer to ask me if I wanted to know the sex! We have the "official" sonogram scheduled in another five weeks, and that's when I was planning to drag Matt along, telling him that he did not want to miss this! But today the sonographer explained that sometimes she can identify the sex this early on. So after showing a little disappointment that my husband was absent, the woman said, well, I don't have to tell you what it is...

HA!! Like I was going to fall for that one! Of course, I still wanted to know. I just wished Matt wasn't going to have to live vicariously through my beaming face.

As the sonogram started, I was expecting the usual sonogram picture where the mom points to a couple geometric shapes and says, "See?! See my baby?" And you're all like, um, mm hm, yeah, I see it. Then you clear your throat and quickly change the subject to baby names!

But when I saw the baby on the screen moving around, to my surprise it was actually pretty easy to decipher. I was amazed at how easily I could identify its head, arms, body, spine, eyes, mouth, etc... it was precious!

For some reason, even though my stomach is starting to pooch out and I've gone through some morning sickness, indigestion, uncomfortable nights of sleep, I still have this question in the back of my head that says, is this for real? And since I can't just take a quick peak, see that it's wilting, move it into the sun and give it a little water... there is always this relief when I go to the doctor and she doesn't say, you know, you really don't have much of a green thumb, do you? So maybe precious is an understatement... awesome? amazing? astonishing?!! I think those are more like it.

Finally at the end of the sonogram, one more surprise was delivered... the sonographer told me that she was 90% sure it was a girl! All this time, even though I'v been wanting a girl, Matt has had me convinced about this theory of his that we would only have boys. The Georges have produced only males for the last three generations. Well let me tell ya, I couldn't wait to go home and burst his little bubble. Of course, he says he is still holding out for that 10% chance. But that doesn't seem to stop him from asking at least twice a day, how is my girl going?

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